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George H.
Bethel, CT
5 Stars

Ever since we have turned into vegetarians, eating out gets a lot more arduous or simpler depending on how you view it. On one hand, the choice of restaurants that cater to our needs are very limited; on the other hand, the limited menus or lack of choices simplifies our choices, or we get to customize / modify the meals as La Zingara has done for us.

I ordered the one vegetarian pasta item on their very nice menu, and my partner requested that another dish on their menu be modified to leave out the prosciutto. They offered to add in mushrooms etc and kindly modified the dish to curry to our vegetarian diet. So for that we are truly, profoundly grateful!

We got the broccoli rabe appetizer as well, which was excellent! And our main courses were excellent! Very professionally done and the servers too had the perfect balance between taking care of our needs without being ostentatious!

Kristina T.
Long Beach, CA
5 Stars

This review is a long time coming, and its my pleasure to recommend this place.

About a year ago, we planned to have our engagement party in the NorthEast. My fiancee and I felt it would be the best touch to have it at a restaurant that was dear to our hearts, and La Zingara immediately came to mind. In retrospect, they did an AMAZING job and listened to us, working with us when we had some special requests. They are so professional and everyone was so impressed with this establishment.

The quality of the food here is excellent. It's always fresh and the menu changes frequently enough that you wonder what they will have in store for you when you get there. Each dish is meticulously thought up and there is so much love and joy evident in the cooking/preparing process-its really evident when you sit down. The wine selection is amazing, and pairs so well with the beautiful dishes- eating here is truly a treat for my husband and I.

Highly recommend this restaurant for all occasions!

Chuck A.
New York, NY
5 Stars

Easily the best Italian restaurant in Connecticut, possibly New England.

All dishes are handmade and housemade, the staff has been working together for a decade, they love the food and the customers. Augusto is the head waiter and is THE consummate gentleman. Roberto is the manager and will move heaven and earth to get you seated.

The food? Awesome, amazing, heavenly, there are specials every week and they are posted on the facebook site in advance of the weekend, They stagger the imagination... I'm in CONNECTICUT?????? OMG!

Its a VERY popular restaurant, plan far ahead, but if you are out for a drive, there's always a chance you can snag a two, because its first come, first serve, since reservations are for parties of 6 and larger only.

Jennifer S.
Red Hook, NY
5 Stars

Love this place! Celebrating our first date here four short years ago! Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere upstairs for cocktails and lunch, we usually do both... Drinks and apps upstairs, than dinner downstairs.. It's a super treat! Kutos!